All Things Winter

It’s only natural to want to hibernate until spring, but there’s really no excuse for not staying active during the winter months when there are so many ways to work out so you will be fit instead of fat when the spring rolls around. Here are a few ways to stay motivated even when the temperature plunges.

Schedule It on Your Calendar

We write down important things on our calendars, such as doctor’s appointments. Set aside 30 minutes every day for working out and treat it as seriously as a trip to the doctor.

Timetable Your Week of Activities

The current recommendations are 30 minutes of activity per day. They can be cardio, which burns fat, or strength training. Strength training should be done 2 to 3 days apart in order to help the muscles heal after a session. Plan out which days you will do which. Continue reading

Frigid temperatures, overcast skies, and early evening darkness come around every winter, sending some of us into a melancholy mood. What can you do to beat the winter blahs, and get back to your normal self?

That’s where winter self-care comes in. Self-care is a year-round undertaking, but it becomes especially important during the cold winter months.

Warm Up

The weather outside may be terrible, but inside the house is always nice. Take a day to enjoy all things warm and cozy. Start out with a nice hot shower or bath, then slip into some clean, comfortable clothing.

Then, grab a nice hot beverage, such as cocoa, tea, or coffee. Take it to the couch with you, and curl up under a big soft blanket. There, you can read, watch television, or enjoy a long winter’s nap. Do what makes you feel your best. Continue reading