5 Healthy New Year's Resolution Ideas

New Year’s resolutions – you have to love them. At the beginning of each year one-third of us resolve to do something different that year. However after only one week into the New Year, 25% of us have thrown that idea away like a worn shoe. Only 46% of us will have stuck to our goal by the time we are half way through the year. Continue reading

After the hubbub of Thanksgiving and Christmas you may not really want to think about New Year’s Eve. However, the holiday will arrive and you want to celebrate the changing of the calendar. Use these New Year’s Eve budget party ideas so you don’t destroy your already stretched budget. Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Party Game Ideas

If you plan on having family or friends over to ring in the New Year, you may be wondering how you’re going to pass the time. Most parties begin around 8 P.M. so that means you’ll have four hours to fill. You could spend some of the time enjoying a nice potluck dinner and then use some of these New Year’s Eve party game ideas to keep you occupied until midnight. Continue reading