When you’re stuck indoors and picnics just aren’t possible, entertaining people might seem like a chore. If anything, though, the winter weather actually has the potential to make entertaining even easier than backyard barbeques. Potluck parties take the guesswork out of your entertaining woes, and are a great solution to wintertime get-togethers.

Recipe for Potluck Parties

Invitations – Since almost everyone knows what a potluck is, inviting guests should be easy. Simply tell your guests when and where the party is, and request that everyone bring a covered dish. Continue reading

Winter Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Having toddlers in your family can be so much fun. It can also be frustrating when you have work that needs to be done and your toddler wants your attention. In times like those, you can give some of these winter craft ideas for toddlers a try. You may be able to keep them occupied and be able to finish something you’ve started. Continue reading

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, where you thought you’d explode if you heard your teen say, “Mom, I’m bored” one more time? Rather than sending your teen to their room, consider these cold weather craft ideas. Give them something they can do which is constructive and fun.

Crocheting or Knitting

Teach your teen to crochet or knit. Once they have the basic stitches down, you can teach them how to make a scarf. Take them to the store so they can pick out the perfect yarn and then get out of their way. You may want to offer your help just in case they need it.

Jewelry Making

Another craft your teen may like, particularly if they’re girls, is to learn how to make jewelry. Most teen girls love jewelry. You can find jewelry making kits at most craft stores. You can also find individual beads, wire and other items needed to make jewelry rather than buying a kit. Continue reading