Winter Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Having toddlers in your family can be so much fun. It can also be frustrating when you have work that needs to be done and your toddler wants your attention. In times like those, you can give some of these winter craft ideas for toddlers a try. You may be able to keep them occupied and be able to finish something you’ve started.

One of the easiest winter crafts you can do is to make paper snowflakes. Show your toddler how to fold paper to create a triangle. Give them safety scissors to cut pieces from the edges of the paper. When the paper is opened they’ll have created wonderful paper snowflakes. Use some dental floss taped to the paper and then tack them to the ceiling in their room. It will look like they have snow falling in their room.

To add to the winter wonderland in their room, your child may enjoy having glistening icicles hanging around them. Gather together some black construction paper. Help your child squeeze thick lines and shapes of school glue onto the paper. They can tilt the paper so the glue runs down the paper. When they have shapes they like, they can sprinkle iridescent glitter onto the glue. Shake off the excess glitter and allow the glue to dry. The glue will hold the glitter which will shimmer when hit by light.

If it’s too cold to go out and play in the snow, your toddler can still make a snowman. Find some paper plates in at least three different sizes. Help your child staple the three sizes of plates together to make a snowman. They can decorate the snowman with buttons, construction paper hat and carrot for the nose. Brush thinned glue over the bottom of the largest plate and sprinkle glitter on it to make it look like the snowman is standing in snow.

Have you ever wanted to build an igloo but didn’t want to chance getting frostbite to do it? This is a perfect opportunity to make an igloo without getting cold or wet. Find a box of sugar cubes or miniature marshmallows. Start with a circle and place cubes or marshmallows around the edge. Add another layer but move them slightly toward the center of the circle. If you need to, use frosting to help keep your igloo together. Use large marshmallows to make a mini snowman. What else can you use to finish the winter scene you’re creating?

Children, especially toddlers, can become bored easily when they’re cooped up during wintertime. These winter craft ideas for toddlers may give you ideas to occupy your toddler, at least for a little while. Using these crafts you may even be able to think up some fun winter crafts you can do with your toddler.