Frigid temperatures, overcast skies, and early evening darkness come around every winter, sending some of us into a melancholy mood. What can you do to beat the winter blahs, and get back to your normal self?

That’s where winter self-care comes in. Self-care is a year-round undertaking, but it becomes especially important during the cold winter months.

Warm Up

The weather outside may be terrible, but inside the house is always nice. Take a day to enjoy all things warm and cozy. Start out with a nice hot shower or bath, then slip into some clean, comfortable clothing.

Then, grab a nice hot beverage, such as cocoa, tea, or coffee. Take it to the couch with you, and curl up under a big soft blanket. There, you can read, watch television, or enjoy a long winter’s nap. Do what makes you feel your best.

Get Active

All rested up from your nap? Great. If the weather cooperates, you can bundle up and get outside to enjoy the fresh air and take a walk. If not, head to your local indoor gym and climb onto the treadmill or bike.

Can’t make it out of the house? Get on your feet right where you are. There are plenty of free workout videos available online. Or, you can always put on your favorite music, and dance around your house. Getting physically active helps get the blood flowing, and releases feel-good endorphins into your system.

Take Care of Your Skin

The cold winter winds can be harsh on your skin. So, when you get back from being outside, be sure to care for your skin properly. Apply your favorite moisturizer as often as you like during those winter days. This will keep your skin from becoming overly dry and irritated.

Don’t neglect those forgotten areas, like the lips, cuticles, and feet, because they will need moisture as well. After you slather on your moisturizer, slip into a pair of clean pajamas and soft socks to seal the moisture in.

Look for the Positive

Yes, it’s cold and dark outside. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Choose to be inspired by the wintry scene outside your window, rather than letting it get you down. Remember the beauty of snow and ice as it falls.

The nights are long and peaceful in the winter, which turns our bodies and mind toward getting some well-deserved rest.
Just as the animals and plants have gone dormant for the season, so should we use winter as a time of quiet reflection, so we can recharge and prepare ourselves for the days ahead.

Winter comes around every year, reminding us to retreat within. As we snuggle beneath our blankets to escape the cold, we should remember to nurture our bodies and minds.

Take the time to do the things you enjoy, things which will lift your spirits no matter what the weather may be. When we do these things, we will be well on our way to achieving the perfect balance of winter self-care.