Winter can be a long and slow season and, when it rains or snows, housebound children have a knack for becoming restless! Never fear, here are some great toys that will help keep children entertained all winter.

For Snowy Days

A Sled – Sleds have been around for hundreds of years and they never go out of fashion. Every winter children take fresh delight in running up to the top of a hill and sledding all the way down! Make the most of the weather!

Ski Skoot – If you’re looking for an alternative to a sled – something that children can enjoy on flat ground instead of steep slopes – then why not give the Ski Skoot a go? This toy lets your kids scoot about whatever the weather as the skis are detachable, leaving a standard wheeled scooter to play with. Continue reading

How to Avoid Ice Skating Injuries

Many people are turning to ice skating as a means of getting the exercise they need. However, if they don’t go ice skating very often they may be prone to injuries. Learning how to avoid ice skating injuries will help you fully enjoy the activity. Continue reading

During the summer time you probably spend a lot of time outdoors. Many families have solar lights to decorate their backyard. In the wintertime, however, the solar lights may not work because the sun isn’t out long enough. What can you do to illuminate your backyard when the temperatures dip? You can make ice candles. Here’s how to turn your background into a magical winter wonderland.

Ice candles are simple to make. They’re so easy to make that even young children can help. In fact, they will have enough fun making these candles they’ll want to create enough of them to light up the whole backyard.

You’ll need some containers which will create the ice base. Children’s sand pails, paper milk cartons or plastic milk jugs with the top cut off are all possible options. Think about the things you have at your home which you can use. Remember to use something that it isn’t important because the ice may cause them to bust. Continue reading