Winter can be a long and slow season and, when it rains or snows, housebound children have a knack for becoming restless! Never fear, here are some great toys that will help keep children entertained all winter.

For Snowy Days

A Sled – Sleds have been around for hundreds of years and they never go out of fashion. Every winter children take fresh delight in running up to the top of a hill and sledding all the way down! Make the most of the weather!

Ski Skoot – If you’re looking for an alternative to a sled – something that children can enjoy on flat ground instead of steep slopes – then why not give the Ski Skoot a go? This toy lets your kids scoot about whatever the weather as the skis are detachable, leaving a standard wheeled scooter to play with.

Snowboards – There is a great range of snowboards available for kids. Taking your kids to a local hill and teaching them to snowboard can be great fun, and it’s a hobby they can carry into their adult lives, too. Not only that, but it’s great exercise and encourages your child to take up activities that will keep them fit.

Snowman – Technically this one isn’t a toy, but kids always love to build snowmen! This is a great way to burn off some energy and get creative at the same time. It’s also an activity that can last a good while, helping to keep the kids occupied for longer.

Snow Block Maker – The snow block maker by Flexible Flyer lets you create blocks of snow to build… anything you like! Why not try and build your very own igloo? Or perhaps the kids just want some snow-walls to hide behind while they throw snow balls! Either way, there’s tons of fun to be had with this.

For Rainy, Indoor Days

Puppet Show – Another classic, the puppet show has been around for years but still hasn’t grown old. Not only does it encourage creativity, but it’s also an activity that can last quite a while, helping to keep your kids entertained on those horrible house-bound days.

Theater – Similar to putting on a puppet show, why not put together a theater where your kids can make up their own plays? Keep old clothes so that your kids can use them for costumes. This can provide hours of entertainment – for you as well as the kids!

Monopoly – If your kids enjoy monopoly then it’s a great choice for long winter days inside. A game of Monopoly can last a couple of hours, helping to keep kids happy for longer (as long as they have the patience for it).

Wii – The Wii is great for days where your kids are stuck inside. Not only does it keep them entertained, but many of the games will also give them exercise. If you don’t want your kids playing video games all day then limit the amount of time they can use it.

Lego – Lego is a great toy for those indoor days. Building with Lego captures kids’ imaginations and keeps them playing for hours. It’s also a good educational toy, and encourages creativity: a winning combination.