Stay Warm

Burning a fire is a peaceful, pleasant way to warm your home. It reduces your consumption of electricity and lowers your utility bills.

Not all fireplaces are the same, however. Depending on your purposes – heating your home, augmenting electrical heat, and so forth – you will want to look at various types of fireplaces to find the most eco-friendly option for your needs.

Here are some types of fireplaces to consider:

Pellet Stoves

These heaters are very clean burning. Few emissions are produced and the pellets themselves are made from waste materials. This gives them a definite environmental advantage. Also, you don’t need a chimney to burn pellets in a pellet stove. Continue reading

Traditionally, wood-burning freestanding stoves were used in ski cabins and lodges, but today thanks to new design concepts they have become a welcome addition to any home.

Wood-burning stoves can be installed in any room of your house, but most often they are placed in living or dining rooms, as well as in patios. While traditional fireplaces generally work as a piece of décor, free-standing wood-burning stoves are generally used for more practical purposes, namely, for heating and even cooking.

Thanks to new designs, your wood-burning stove will look attractive and still remain perfectly functional. Because it isn’t attached to the wall, a wood-burning stove will radiate more heat throughout a small or large room. Continue reading