Get Prepared

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When winter is upon us we normally spend more time at home and in keeping warm and cozy, our house is closed up tight. The smell of a closed home can be musty and unappealing, even unwelcoming. The best way to get all the old, musty air out is to open up every window in the house and let the clean and fresh air pour in. And, if there isn’t a nice fresh breeze outside, turn on the fans and put them near the windows to draw the fresh air in. However, that is just not a feasible thing to do in the dead of winter.

Your home may not smell good because of culprits such as leftover food in the fridge, kitchen and bathroom drains, musty pillows, damp laundry, dirty garbage disposal, and so on. Therefore, you will want to clear out all of those things that have the potential make your house stink. Also, keeping your place dust free as well as decluttering will help get rid of dust and must and will help in keeping your house smelling fresh. Continue reading

Preparing your home to withstand the weather is important. Your home will last longer if you weatherize it, and the occupants will be more comfortable. Also, your energy use (and bills) will go down. Here are some ideas to help you winterize your home.

1. Check for leaks and drafts. In your attic, look for cracks under the eaves. Check around your windows and doors, and on the outside of your house.

2. Use caulk and weather stripping to seal up leaks in doors, windows, and between your home’s siding and foundation. Use caulk only on non-moving window panes and door jambs (such as between the jamb and the wall), or on and around your chimney. Caulk and weather stripping are inexpensive materials that can make a big difference in saving you money over the winter. Check your garage door, too.

3. Insulate your walls and attic. If you don’t already have insulation in your walls, get your walls insulated before winter. Insulation can be blown into the wall space itself, without having to do major renovations. Since heat rises, insulating your attic is also essential. Continue reading

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