Four Ways to Give Back this Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time to share with your closest family and friends however it is also the perfect season to give back to the community. Here are four ways in which you can provide for others so that they can also enjoy the holiday season. Continue reading

Sometimes the holidays seem to get away from us. You get too busy to enjoy the simple aspects that make the holidays so special. Marketing messages barrage us from every corner.

We forget that Christmas isn’t about buying the latest and greatest toy or device. If you want to get back to basics, consider having a fun, old-fashioned Christmas this year.


There’s nothing more old-fashioned than Christmas caroling. Gather a group of friends or join a community or church group. Dress warmly, brush up on your carol lyrics, and make it a special night. Plan to go out for cocoa and treats afterward. It may become a tradition your family looks forward to every year. Continue reading

Many people who are interested in protecting the environment are concerned about the commercialism of Christmas and how much packaging goes to landfills each year. The following are some smart ways to put a green spin on your Christmas. Think about the environment and how the extra trash can affect it when planning this year’s gift giving. Continue reading