All Things Winter

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It’s good to get outdoors into the sunlight for some fresh air and natural Vitamin D production, but frostbite is one winter wellness challenge you and your entire family can’t afford to ignore.

What is Frostbite?

Frostbite occurs when the skin literally freezes. Spending too much time outdoors in the cold and wind without being protected sufficiently from the elements is the main cause. Children are more prone than adults because of their more sensitive skin.

Frostbite can be dangerous if not treated quickly, leading to permanent tissue damage and even loss.  Due to the skin freezing, blood is no longer able to flow to, for example, the tips of the fingers of someone who isn’t wearing gloves or mittens. The loss of blood flow results in a loss of circulation and the skin and underlying tissue will start to die. Continue reading

Getting out of a nice and cozy warm bed to go outside and exercise when it is freezing cold may not be your idea of a good time. But exercising in the cold has several benefits over doing it in warm weather. Specifically, it:

Burns More Calories

It’s true, exercising outdoors in the winter ramps up your metabolism and in the end, you burn more calories than if you had exercised in warm weather.

Part of the reason is it takes more energy to keep your body warm when it is cold outside. Depending on what you are doing, the exercise itself can burn a lot of calories.

Take cross country skiing at a brisk speed for example; calories burned are 544 per hour. Snowshoeing is another high calorie winter sport at 476 calories per hour. And both sports are something different from your normal routine so they can prevent boredom, not to mention the wonderful landscape you’ll see. Continue reading

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