Staying Safe with Ice Fishing Clothing

When it’s time to go fishing on the ice, you’ll need to pay special attention to ice fishing clothing options. Ice fishing conditions are very cold and it’s important that you do all you can to protect your body from harmful temperatures.

First, begin with dressing in layers. You’ll want to have several layers so that you can adjust what you’re wearing. Remember, you can always take a layer off if you get too hot, but you can only add on what you have with you.

Begin with a bottom layer that’s worn closest to your skin. This layer of clothing needs to always remain dry. You may want to choose a type of thermal underwear. This will insulate your body and protect it from cold.

Then you can begin layering your clothing on top of the under layer. On the outside of your body you’ll want to focus on clothing that is water repellent and wind resistant. The most dangerous part of ice fishing is the cold wind. This can cause problems with hypothermia and frostbite quickly.

Ice fishing suits are available that encompass all you need in order to stay dry and warm. You can always remove this layer if you become too hot or conditions are calm, but it’s important to have it when things are windy, wet, and cold.

You’ll also need to protect your extremities. Hands and feet are the first places on the body that become damaged in cold temperatures. For your feet, you’ll want to wear socks that are made for cold conditions and wear insulated, waterproof boots for protection. It is important that your socks never get wet – wet socks cannot keep you warm.

Wearing ice fishing gloves will also protect your fingers and hands. Many people choose to wear wool finger gloves. These are gloves that allow you to still use your fingers for baiting your hook, but keep the rest of your hands warm.

The wool material is safer if it gets wet than other materials. In addition, you can wear a glove over the finger gloves to keep your fingertips warm when you don’t need them. By wearing two sets of gloves, you guarantee better protection from the cold.

Finally, you need to protect your head and face. You’ll want to look for a hat that is warm, has flaps that cover your ears, and offers a visor for protection from the sun and the wind. With the appropriate ice fishing clothing you can have a safe and enjoyable experience.