Keep Your Lips Beautiful in Winter Time

It’s one of the major pet peeves during the winter months. Nearly everyone’s lips are dry, chapped, and sore. There is a way to keep your lips beautiful in winter time; if you continue to read, you can find out the secrets.

If your lips are chapped and sore during the winter, you may have noticed dead skin which is unsightly. Removing the skin gently is one trick to helping your lips begin to look better. How do you do that?

Run a clean, soft bristle toothbrush under warm water. Gently brush your lips to remove the dead skin. A child’s toothbrush may be the best choice since they’re designed for tender gums. Then apply lip balm and allow it to penetrate into the lip. Using a lip balm with a sunscreen will give extra protection from the sun as well as from the wind.

Avoid licking your lips. Winter air is drying to skin and lips, so its important lips get their moisture through a lip balm rather than your tongue. Licking your lips actually makes your lips drier, because the saliva from your tongue evaporates and draws the natural moisture from your lips away. So, even though it’s often an unconscious habit, try to keep your tongue in your mouth.

Some people, when they get dried and cracked lips, will bite their lips in an attempt to remove the dried skin. They may also bite their lips while in thought. Like with licking your lip, biting is a no-no – particularly in the winter. If it’s a habit, do your best to break it. Applying lip balm more often may not help you break the habit, but at least your lips will be protected between bites.

Other habits you might want to give up for the sake of your lips are smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking will dry out your lips, cause wrinkles around the lips and mouth, and thin the skin on the lips due to the chemicals in the cigarettes. Alcohol is also bad for your lips as it will dehydrate the body which normally shows in the lips first. If you’re looking for a reason to quit either of these habits, maybe having beautiful lips will be enough of a reason.

Be sure to drink plenty of water during the winter. The dry air, both inside and outside, can dehydrate you quickly. If your body is hydrated, your lips are less likely to suffer. Eating healthy meals and snacks will also go a long way to keeping your lips healthy during the winter season.

You can keep your lips beautiful in winter time if you’re willing to take care of them. Follow these secrets to help your lips remain hydrated and healthy this year rather than dry and chapped.