If we want to talk crafts, we have to visit Martha Stewart’s website. First, she recommends making care packages with pictures of each child or relative. “To make these custom treat packages, cut out a picture of your child, scan it, and print onto heavyweight matte paper. Cut tags using pinking shears for the bottom edges, draw hearts, and stamp or write a message on each one. Fold the tags and tape them to cellophane bags filled with sweets.”

You can also make cupcakes for Valentine’s day, as a craft. “Fill flattened cupcake liners with candy for a treat you won’t have to bake. The liners’ pleats nicely frame scrap-art pictures or paper hearts (we used scalloping scissors to trim some). Use a craft punch or paper flowers to make cute borders.”

Another fun craft you can do is to create fun holiday cards, “Create this card by making signs out of construction paper, doilies, and adhesive letters from an office-supply store. Photograph your child holding the signs, then tape the pictures to construction paper and fold the card accordion-style.”

You can also try to personalize your gifts a little more by being even more crafty, “Store- bought treats are more special when covered in pretty patterned paper. Pen a note on the underside or on a tag attached with waxed twine. Tuck gum into a card stock “matchbook” stamped with a message; sticks of gum sold in large packs often have plain white wrappers that are perfect for decorating with stickers. A lollipop adorned with a sticker and taped to a card stock heart will also be welcome, as would button candy slipped into a small paper bag embellished with die-cut scrap art (available at crafts stores).”

But Martha Stewart is not the only person who can inspire us to be crafty on Valentine’s Day. According to activityvillage.com, you can create a beaded necklace or bracelette“Bend your wire into a simple shape. Thread the beads onto the wire. Twist the ends together. Cut the wire so you are left with two over hanging pieces of wire. Twist the ends of these together to form a loop to hang.”

iVillage.com, suggests a decorated pencils: “Using a small paintbrush, paint the pencils red or silver (or just buy red or silver pencils). While they’re drying, mold the red pipe cleaners into heart shapes and mold the silver pipe cleaners into spirals (leaving some “un-molded” space at the end to wrap around the pencil). Wrap the end of the pipe cleaner around the pencil and add a little hot glue to hold in place. You can put a bunch in a jar with ribbon to give as a gift to your kid’s teacher or just give one to each classmate. “

Furthermore, you can make cute twig-tipped hearts. “Cut the felt into arrow tip and feather shapes and glue to the ends of the twigs. Tie the string to the end with the feather-shaped felt and voila: Cupid’s arrows are ready to go! Tip: If your kids are a little too young for sharp-stick gathering, use straws instead of twigs.”