New Diva Tranquility 35″ Wall Mount 1500W/750W Adjustable Electric Fireplace/Heater with Remote Control

Types of fireplaces such as masonry, gas, electric, pre-fabricated and woodstoves are available today. Fireplace design ideas depend on factors such as the area to be covered and the purpose that it needs to serve.

While masonry fireplaces in which natural wood is burned might be a common sight in old, large houses, gas fireplaces are the most common these days because they are easy to install and use. Although masonry fire places may have an old world charm of their own, they are not the most effective means of heating the house as a large amount of heat escapes through the chimney.

A wide range of gas fireplaces are available and out those the top vent gas fireplace is the one that can be installed to replace an existing wood burning fireplace. These fireplaces design ideas do not require wood or matches and can be turned on at the flip of a switch!

An electric fireplace is also convenient for warming smaller sitting areas and there is no facility to install a chimney. An added advantage of these types of fireplaces is that they reduce heating cost significantly.

A prefabricated fireplace is also known as a zero-clearance fireplace design ideas as they are highly insulated and can be installed in the proximity of combustible materials. They are often a good choice in new construction as they are lighter in weight and faster and easier to install than standard masonry fireplaces.

A wood stove is made from cast iron or brick line welded plate steel and is essentially a metal container for fire. Since most modern woodstoves are airtight and allow the amount of air feeding the flame to be controlled in some manner, they tend to be highly efficient.