Heated Dog Beds - They Do Exist!

If you just a new pet as an added member to the family and you need to find the perfect bed for them to sleep on you should consider buying one of the many heated dog beds available.

In the search for the perfect sleeping area for your dog you could drive all over town to find something or you could just do a search online for not only the perfect heated dog bed but the perfect price to match your budget as well.

Some of the reasons you may need to find something warm for your pet are:

1. Your pet will be spending some time outside in a kennel, no matter the weather, when you are away at work.

2. Your pet is getting on in age and has some arthritis problems where heat would just make them feel better.

3. You have hardwood floors in your house and they get cold at night when the furnace is turned down.

These are just some of the reason you may choose to buy this type of sleeping area for your pet. Their comfort is important to you and you want them to have the best.

During my research, I found a site with several styles to choose from. There were simple mats that can be placed inside a house or a kennel outside to keep them warm in cooler weather right on up to thermo cuddlers to be used inside your house to keep your pet all snuggly warm and comfortable.

Some of the other different styles available are:

1. Microwaveable mats that get warmed in the microwave for a specific amount of time but only stay warm for a short length of time.

2. Quilted pillow type that are electrical and keep your pet warm for as long as the unit is turned on.

3. Warming lounge sleepers that use your pets own body heat to keep them warm.

Whichever style you decide on obviously is up to you and what you think your pet would like but you should make sure that you buy the right size and shape for your pet.

All of these styles came in small, medium, or large, with some extending that to even include x-large. You should have no problem matching the size of your pet to a new sleeping area.

Price is no doubt a consideration as well and if you find the same site I did you will be pleasantly surprised to see that each of these beds is very reasonably priced and all available at less that $100.

Shipping comes as one flat rate of $4.99 for all orders over $49.99.

We love our pets and most of us treat them as a member of our immediate family because that’s what they are. They protect us and love us unconditionally. We should always do what we need to do to ensure their comfort and security and if that includes choosing one of the many heated dog beds out available then that’s what we should do.