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Entertaining in Winter: Potluck Parties

When you’re stuck indoors and picnics just aren’t possible, entertaining people might seem like a chore. If anything, though, the winter weather actually has the potential to make entertaining even easier than backyard barbeques. Potluck parties take the guesswork out of your entertaining woes, and are a great solution to wintertime get-togethers.

Recipe for Potluck Parties

Invitations – Since almost everyone knows what a potluck is, inviting guests should be easy. Simply tell your guests when and where the party is, and request that everyone bring a covered dish. Continue reading


Winter Can Be Fun! Play Ideas For When It’s Raining Or Snowing Outside

Winter can be a long and slow season and, when it rains or snows, housebound children have a knack for becoming restless! Never fear, here are some great toys that will help keep children entertained all winter.

For Snowy Days

A Sled – Sleds have been around for hundreds of years and they never go out of fashion. Every winter children take fresh delight in running up to the top of a hill and sledding all the way down! Make the most of the weather!

Ski Skoot – If you’re looking for an alternative to a sled – something that children can enjoy on flat ground instead of steep slopes – then why not give the Ski Skoot a go? This toy lets your kids scoot about whatever the weather as the skis are detachable, leaving a standard wheeled scooter to play with. Continue reading

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